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Workshop On Governance - Sample Training Modules

Table of Contents

  • Purpose
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Process
  • Overview of Agenda Content and ScheduleSchedule

A. Governance - Building a Solid Foundation

  • Why organizations exist
  • Three basic tasks/functions essential to achieving purpose of organization
  • Putting governance in perspective
  • What is Governance?
  • Comparison of governance and management
  • Role clarity for board, management and staff
  • Board role
  • Committees
  • Executive Director role
  • Case Scenario: Transitions for growing organizations
  • Signs of a Board in Trouble
  • Network governance

B. Board Development & Management

  • Recruiting and retaining board members
  • Case Scenario: Recruitment and Retention
  • Orientation
  • Strategies for developing board leaders
  • Creating an environment conducive to learning and creativity
  • Managing the board and it's work
  • Decision Making
  • Keys to Success
  • Quick Check

C. Board Responsibilities

C.1 Planning

  • Articulating a vision and strategic plan
  • Regular 'scanning' of the 'business' environment
  • Vision-driven vs. event-driven planning
  • Development of a long-term business plan/benchmarks for measuring success
  • SMART objectives

C.2 Performance Monitoring & Accountability

  • What to measure
  • Focus on outcomes or results
  • Communications with key stakeholders
  • Planning exercise

C.3 Financial Stewardship

C.4 Human Resources Stewardship

C.5 Community Representation & Advocacy

C.6 Risk Management


1. Major Duties of the Board
2. Due Diligence: Responsibilities of Individual Directors
3. Liabilities of Board Members
4. Executive Director - Sample Job Description
5. Case Scenario A - Transitions for Growing Organizations
6. Managing Meetings Effectively
7. Conflict of Interest - Sample Policy
8. Keys to Success
9. Signs of a Board in Trouble
10. Recruitment and Retention of Board Members
11. Case Scenario B - Recruitment and Retention of Board Members
12. Strategies for Developing Board Leadership
13. Planning Exercise Worksheet
14. Managing Disagreements and Conflicts Constructively
15. Essential Tools and Strategies for Advocacy

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