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Canada and Ontario are replacing the corporations acts under which ‘not-for-profit corporations’ have been incorporated in the past. Not-for-profit organizations incorporated under this legislation will be required to register under or ‘transition’ to the new acts in their respective jurisdictions. Transition to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (CNCA) must be completed by Oct 17, 2014. Transition to the Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act (ONCA) must be completed within three years of the date the new legislation comes into effect…which may be as early as July 2014, therefor requiring the transition to take place by July 2017. NFP Corporations are advised to prepare for this sooner rather than later.

This will require review of letters patent and bylaws, updating bylaws and bringing them into compliance with the new legislation and filing ‘articles of continuance’ under the CNCA or ‘articles of amendment’ under the ONCA.

Synergy Associates will assist nonprofits with transitioning to the new ‘Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act’ (CNCA) and the ‘Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act’ (ONCA).  


Synergy Associates will conduct a comprehensive review of your bylaws and governance policies, suggest bylaw amendments or redraft these and provide you with a comprehensive set of governance policies tailored to your organization. You may instead order a copy of the CD ROM supplement to Governing for Results: A Director’s Guide to Good Governance and undertake this task yourself with guidance from the CD ROM.


A complete set of sample bylaws, governance policies and committee terms of reference that may be readily adapted to your particular organization is available on CD ROM along with self-assessment tools for the board (the ‘Governance Effectiveness Quick Check’) and individual directors (‘Director’s Self-Evaluation Checklist’). This CD ROM also contains templates for a letter of agreement for new board members, a code of conduct, an oath of office and confidentiality, as well as conflict of interest and donor confidentiality policies.


The CD ROM is available from the author, at a cost of $10.00 dollars $29.95 plus for shipping and handling, upon confirmation of purchase of ten or more copies of Governing for Results: A Director’s Guide to Good Governance. The CD ROM may also be purchased directly from the author for $29.95 plus GST and $10 5.00 shipping and handling. Please contact the author for payment and ordering instructions.


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