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'Governance Model' is the terminology used in organizational literature to describe a set, cluster or constellation of structures, practices and procedures which typify a particular approach which a board of directors may use to govern, direct or oversee the operations of an organization. A 'Governance Framework', for the purposes of this paper, is defined as a collection or array of two or more 'governance models' intended to provide a comprehensive description of the range of alternative approaches to governance which are available to boards of directors.

This article provides a comprehensive review of the literature on governance models and frameworks and an analytic comparison of their essential characteristics. It provides a critique of these and a rationale for the development of a more comprehensive framework of governance models. This comprehensive review is a unique contribution to the literature on organizational governance. This research provided a valuable source document for the book, Governing for Results but is no longer available for broad distribution. Essential content is included in the book.

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